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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hello from Bangalore, India. Introducing Guestblogger Lim May Zhee!

Heya, I'm posting this from an Internet cafe at Bangalore, India. I was at this Tibetan Colony few hours away from the city during the past few weeks, hence the lack of Internet access. I took lots of wonderful photos and videos, which I hope I can upload tomorrow.

I won't actually return to Malaysia until the 8th of February, Justin's incapable of posting that much (seemingly), not wanting to keep my loyal Swiftyholics waiting, I have enlisted the help of a guestblogger, give a warm welcome to the sensational, the phenomenal, Malaysian literary rising star, 15-year-old (16 this year) novelist Lim May Zhee! (I've spoken about her, and posted a video of her here)

On the other hand, my sister will also be handling some guestblogging duties.

Yes... my blog has now officially been taken over by teenage girls.


  1. I'll have something up too in a bit; actually been surprisingly busy lately and haven't really had a chance to sit down and post something - should be up soon though.

  2. So, what will the guestbloggers blog about?

  3. Teenage girls? Lucky you!

  4. Encaitar: Well, you know now.

    Radicalpatriot: Absolutely, being the Great Swifty has its perks! :D