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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hello! This is May Zhee guest-blogging from Swifty’s suitcase in India!

It’s implausibly cramped in here but I want to pretend like I’m thin and petite hence I will not grumble at all about my squashed face. Betcha didn’t know May Zhee could type with her breasts!

Okay too much info.

Anyway, one of the good things that come out of being callously treated like a tomato all the way to India is…I get to broadcast to you what Swifty has inside his suitcase, which I am deigning to do in munificent amounts. *cue evil Powerpuff Girls music*

Hey, dude, no one asked you to stuff the hot girl in a suitcase!

Question is, are you ready for it? Can you handle the truth? Are you up for it? Can you take it? Will you still want to know what’s inside if I keep doing this?


Swifty keeps skeletons in his suitcase. *horror* And all this while you thought skeletons lived in closets. *horror, consternation, trepidation, nausea (you, not me)*

Funny thing though, all the skeletons seem to be holding laptops, just like me, and getting their faces squashed by another skeleton’s boney butt, just like me.

Wait a second…


Holy God I am allergic to skeletons! Get me out of here!!!
Oh, just so you know who is guest-blogging for Swifty, here is a photo of me…



  1. Girl, you lost me. Isn't that Paris HIlton's photo?

  2. haha.. you're so fine swifty.. LOL. btw.. dont you guys thinking about putting some advertisements on your blog? it's quite nice you know.. :)

  3. Wow I just realized I am wearing really nice shoes!

  4. Iklanweb: If you've bothered to look at this site carefully (and noticed that the post was written by May Zhee, not me), you may also notice that there are already Adsense ads here.

    May Zhee: I hope the 4-hour bumpy car ride to Mysore yesterday didn't kill you. :D