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Saturday, January 13, 2007

VIDEO: Yue Fei's Tomb | Lingyin Temple | Six Harmonies Pagoda

Video of my second day in Hangzhou, China

Part 1 of my adventures in China is here.

What you'll see in this video:

- Me visiting the General Yue Fei's temple/tomb. General Yue Fei was a patriot from the 12th century who died at the age of 39 due to the treachery of some, well, treacherous traitors. As a child, the words 'serving the country loyally' were pierced onto his back by his other. But anyway, if you want to know more about General Yue Fei, you can read about him here.

- My dad... singing a song adapted from Yue Fei's poem.

- Mom, sis and I, going through Lingyin Temple, a really old temple that was built more than a thousand years ago.

- Lunch, check out the heavenly food.

- Us attempting to conquer the Six Harmonies Pagoda.

- The scenery I saw when I was on top of the Pagoda.