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Thursday, February 01, 2007

The power of Swifty's blog is in my hands

I can either use this clout for things like pornography and rankling but I choose not to. For I must not put Swifty’s life in jeopardy. Not until I kill him with my own two hands for stuffing me into a suitcase.

This is an e-mail I received from Yvonne Foong. (Swifty can kill me later for advertising without his knowledge)

Hi there!

A little over three months have passed since my last surgery in LA. It was very successful. Dr. Friedman and his team managed to remove the hearing nerve tumour entirely with no complications. They also debulked a more dangerous tumour called the Jugular Foramen Meningioma in my brain. The 21-channel multi-electrode ABI was placed in the cochlear nucleus of my brainstem to stimulate sound sensations.

I am now wearing the external parts of the ABI--a body-worn speech processor, a behind-the-ear microphone, and a small transmitter affixed to my scalp with assessive tape--to college, at home, and outdoors everyday. It's a wonder being able to hear again. The ABI process sounds into electrical pulse and transmits them to the brain. The electrodes then stimulate my brainstem to produce sound sensations. It is like having a third ear when both my natural ears don't work anymore. It does not sound natural, and may take awhile
before speech recognition is possible. But the presence of hope is most important in keeping me going.

Mom and I spent the whole of yesterday running around Assunta Hospital. I consulted a Neurologist and an Ophtalmologist. I went for an Ultrasound test to determine the present state of a tumour in my neck which is fairly large and hurts when pressed. The Opthalmologist did a full Fundoscopic test of my eyes before subjecting me to an MRI test to further check my optic nerves.

Fundoscopic results show my right optic nerve is weak, causing me delayed focus,
while my left optic nerve is completely damaged beyond repair in a
split at birth. We are going back next week to study results of the brain MRI and the Ultrasound.

Today's happenings are just snippets of my life battling with NF. There are so many tumours all over my body that even I have forgotten where some of them are.

Recently, my brain "froze" when I tried placing my light backpack in the upper compartment of a bus. Half way up, I tried commanding my hands to lift the bag higher to reach that level, but they wouldn't listen, as if they did not belong to me. My bag came tumbling down, and my brain was exhausted, but my hands were fine. A spine MRI to check out this problem is scheduled in May.

Many may think I do not need funds anymore after surgery, but that is
certainly not true. NF is an ongoing lifelong battle with tumours. A single MRI scan at Assunta Hospital costs RM788 excluding impressions. Government hospitals like UMMC charges about the same price. Some might charge cheaper, but the quality of the scan is bad, with inaccurate and unclear information about my tumours.

My family had once been in deep financial crisis when I was still a teenager. The experience taught me to prepare for the rainy days so that I would not be scrambling to borrow money from people when there's acute financial need .

Hence, my fundraising efforts are still ongoing today. My designs are just
right for a romantic occasion. How about getting something for a loved one this Valentine's Day?

Check out the limited edition of my necklaces, just for this Valentine's Day.

At first I was very happy because I thought Yvonne only sent this e-mail to *ME*, just to tell *ME* about her condition and that means that *I* have a eminently stature place in Yvonne’s heart but then I saw a long list of e-mail addresses beside ‘To:’ and my heart sank. Yvonne doesn’t love me. =( Yvonne loves everyone.

But it’s okay, you know, I can take a little rejection, you know, I am fine with it. I am fine. I am fine. I am fine.

Oh ho! Yvonne just sent me a PERSONAL e-mail, with ‘Hie MAY ZHEE’ and all. *flips hair* Oh well, guess some people just get all the prerogatives, don’t they?

P.S – I am just joking lar. Was kinda worried the people here won’t get my humor, and I can get rather facetious at times.