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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

”我要努力实现导演梦“ (I will work hard to fulfill my dreams of directing) - Interview On Sin Chew Daily

My interview with Sin Chew Daily, Malaysia's leading Chinese newspaper, just came out today. I was truly surprised, and amazed to see that I was on the cover of the Sin Chew Plus section, I'm truly amazed, and humbled, by this.

The interview focused mostly on my determination to chase my dreams, my filmmaking misadventures, and a bit about my short film, GIRL DISCONNECTED.

Check out my interview on Sin Chew Daily's website. It's in Chinese though.

I'll just translate some quotes from myself.

"I don't think the world should have only Hollywood blockbusters, nor do I believe that the world should be dominated solely by personal art films. Commercial and art should co-exist, complementing each other."

"Filmmaking is an act of creativity, and also sharing. I just hope to make movies that can be remembered by many for a long time. Otherwise I'll feel too lonely if I make movies only for myself and no one else."

Here are some newspaper scans.

Sin Chew Interview

Sin Chew Interview 2

Sin Chew Interview 3