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Sunday, May 06, 2007


Production Photo 19 - Maya Enjoying The Sunset

Working with me is NOT a privilege.

It's more like a punishment to most. Justin himself can tell you how many takes I would go for just to get a simple shot right. A production shoot with me can be really tedious and frustrating since I'm, er, a perfectionist.

But also, for the sake of reassuring everyone that I'm REALLY a filmmaker and not just some shallow lecherous hack who was only capitalizing on some opportunity to ogle at babes in an event which MIGHT enforce the objectification of women (initially, I was named as the judge without receiving a personal mail from the organizer) like some people do ;-), I shall share with you extended scenes from my last film, GIRL DISCONNECTED, just for a glimpse of, well, my filmmaking style. Enjoy.

Maya at the Beach

Unspoken words

Other than that, I've also created a new page for my short films. So you can watch from my early cringe-inducing experiments with filmmaking to the more recent VERTICAL DISTANCE (GIRL DISCONNECTED isn't available online yet)