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Monday, October 08, 2007

Goodbye old laptop. Hello new laptop.

My old laptop died early last month. It happened in an afternoon without warning. Just the sounds of clicking and whirring from the insides, and everything froze, the LCD screen went black.

I never understood what happened. The motherboard got fried, along with other things inside. Repairing it would cost nearly as much as buying a new laptop, so I made a painful decision. She was put down.

I bought my old laptop shortly before I flew off to Perth in July 2004, it's very distinctive for having a red and shiny casing. It's not an expensive branded model, just something put together based on the specs that I wanted.

And since then...

Through that computer, my early experiments with video editing would unexpectedly lead to a path of filmmaking, turning a lifelong childhood dream into reality.

Through that computer, I made 'A BORING STORY', my first attempt in filmmaking.

Through that computer, I did the final cut of 'GIRL DISCONNECTED', my last short film did during my Murdoch University years.

Through that computer, I also edited two thirds of 'CINTA TIGA SEGI', a TV movie directed by mentor Woo Ming Jin.

Through that computer, I bade farewell to a teenage hobby of writing fanfiction and shifted my attention to writing on a much different medium, thus the birth of this blog.

Through that computer, 'Eliar Swiftfire', a pseudonym I used for writing fanfiction became simply 'The Great Swifty', or just 'Edmund Yeo'.

Through that computer, almost 80% of my posts in this blog were written. Film reviews, book reviews, photos of babes, random rants... etc. more than 3 years worth of blog content.

Through that computer, I did my university assignments, hence through this computer, I acquired my degree and my postgraduate diploma.

Through that computer, I listened to music more than I did with a radio.

Through that computer, the pangs of pain from an unforgettable experience with unrequited love were put into words, in the form of videos, poems and stories, it all started from some late night ICQ conversations, and ended nearly two years later in the form of an email.

My computer traveled with me when I was in Australia, Singapore, China, India and most recently, Chile. And fittingly, with this computer, I chronicled my travels. I was also photographed with the laptop during my May interview with Sin Chew Daily.

My mother had said that my computer died due to negligence or inconsideration, that I shouldn't have kept it switched on for days without letting it rest, nor push it so much to its limits by editing, or doing so many things at once with it.


But at least it achieved a lot with me.
Or maybe I achieved a lot with it.

The old gal went out with a bang. Guess a part of me will die with her.

(This blog post is written with my 3-hour-old new laptop.)