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Friday, October 12, 2007


The one semi-cool scene in Resident Evil 3, where Milla Jovovich was burning infected crows and shit
The one semi-cool scene in Resident Evil 3, where Milla Jovovich was burning infected crows and shit

The Resident Evil films are an important part of video game adaptation history. It is the first and only trilogy of live-action films based on video games (disregarding spin-offs and straight-to-DVD sequels) so far. We haven't had a Tomb Raider 3, yet we have the privilege to endure a third Resident Evil film.

I wasn't planning to watch this in the cinemas at all, I've only seen RE1 on a big screen, which didn't compel me enough to go to RE2 when it was shown at the cinemas. I later watched RE2 on DVD, and thought that it was actually better than RE1 (though RE1 had the memorable 'laser scene') because it had stupider and more over-the-top action scenes.

But to tell you the truth, I can't really remember what happened in Resident Evil 2, I just remembered laughing a lot when watching it.

I went to Resident Evil 3: Extinction tonight with dad and sis because dad had free tickets (sorry, Kai Fai).

All I can say is that RE3 is a worthy addition to the Resident Evil film series. The quality of these films remained consistent despite the change of directors.

My sister thought that it was a HORRIBLE FILM, she was shocked that the film ended so early, and that the climax was so anticlimatic, a feeling she also had when she saw RUSH HOUR 3.

I didn't, I shut down my mind when I watched the film, so all I felt was numbness while my eyes and ears were assaulted by the film's bombastic visual and sound effects.

I wasn't impressed.

I wasn't repulsed.

I was in a Zen state of mind.

Ali Larter was kinda hot, but not as hot as she was in HEROES. Milla Jovovich is, well, Milla Jovovich. We get another 'good guy character' who got bitten my zombies early in the film but chooses not to say anything in order to build tension among audiences. We also have another 'selfless sacrifice' that I guess was meant to add some sort of emotion into the film, but I was in a zen state of mind, so I felt nothing.

So, if you thought the previous RE films sucked, you don't really need to waste your time with this since it might make you feel suicidal, if you thought the previous Resident Evil films are your Lord of the Rings, then this is your 'RETURN OF THE KING'. Hey, my 15-year-old cousin liked it.

For me, if you want some zombie action, got buy the 28 WEEKS LATER DVD (click title for my review) instead.