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Monday, March 10, 2008

CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY Production Stills (2 March 2008)

Here are the photos from the last day of the CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY shoot. Once again, they are all taken by Nikki Tok. (The first part of this series of photo is here)

Suanie's blog readers were confounded by this entry of hers where she posted a photo of her in make-up. So I'll reveal the mystery.

Suanie was invited to cameo in the film.

There you go, Make-up Artist Eunice working her magic on Suanie.

Suanie undergoing make-up

Suanie and film producer/ Limkokwing University bigwig Aron Koh were supposed to play 2nd Auntie and 2nd Uncle, younger siblings of the protagonist's mom.

The boy and his mother's younger siblings (played by Aron Koh and Suanie)

There seem to be some resemblances between Aron and Ming Wei, especially when they smile. Standing on the right is Sound Girl Miharu. Ming Wei had lots of difficulty doing this scene cos my one and only instruction to him was NOT to smile nor laugh. A difficult thing for a kid to do in a comedic scene.

The boy and his mother's younger siblings (played by Aron Koh and Suanie)

And there's me and Lesly the DP (Director of Photography).

Lesly and I

After we were done with Aron and Suanie's scene, we went off to do some scenes of The Boy jotting down notes from his investigation. Using my room as his room.

The boy writes down his notes

Me setting the alarm clock for the scene

Once that's done, we headed off to the park near my house, Taman Aman, to film some outdoor scenes, mostly a cheesy and comedic flashback scene of Mom (Kimmy Kiew) and Dad's (Chye Chee Keong) past romance and the origins of the Legendary Chicken Rice

Shooting a flashback scene

Memories of the Legendary Chicken Rice

Another shot from the cheesy flashback scene

Unfortunately, it started to rain. But we pressed on.

Directing under the rain
As I strike a majestic pose, I dared the rain to smear my vision.

Me striking a pose under the rain

A rare photo of Nikki the photographer.

Rare photo of Nikki the photographer

We also needed to do an introspective scene with The Boy.

Setting up a scene for Ming Wei

Ming Wei was almost scared shitless when I asked him to sit on the railings. So Sound Girl Miharu held him.

Miharu holding Ming Wei

... before I yelled "action!"

An introspective moment

The last scene we shot was the ending scene (just the way I like it). The rain was pouring heavily and some stalls from the pasar malam (night market) had to close. But I improvised quickly and allow the rain be part of the story instead. We hijacked a table outside a coffee shop, ordered lots of food and drinks, and started filming away.

Shooting at a coffeeshop

Last 2 pic of The Boy and his dad.

Father and son having dinner

Father and Son having dinner 2

Hadn't edited the film for 2 days. Was shooting something else on Saturday (yes, during election day). But I'm going to continue working on CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY now that the other video's done.