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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I walked into an anti-piracy operation

(The following entry should NOT be taken seriously)

Pardon my lack of updates. Been rushing with the editing of CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY (production stills are here and here). Need to get it done before I fly off to Hong Kong on Monday.

Went to film some cutaways with Lesly The Cinematographer today. After getting some stunning shots from an alley and a park nearby, I needed shots from a PS2 football video game, but to my horror, neither of my FIFA or WINNING ELEVEN games were around. So Lesly and I headed to Amcorp Mall to make some quick purchases of these games.

Reaching the one and only videogame shop of the mall, I saw a man standing outside, taking photos. I dismissed the guy as some wannabe camera enthusiast, or annoying tourist, and immediately walked into the shop, flipping through the folders of PS2 games.

I vaguely noticed the photographer calling at me, and then someone approached.

"Dik, boleh keluar sekejap?" (Kid, can you leave the shop for a while?)

"Hm?" I replied. Eyeing the photographer who was looking at me, slightly annoyed that the man had the guts to call me out of the shop just so he could take his precious little photos.

"Kami sedang beroperasi lah." (We're in the middle of an operation)

An operation. An anti-piracy operation. An anti-piracy operation where the games in the shop would all be ransacked.

WHAAAAAAT? In a daze, I exited the shop. Staring helplessly as the men continued their operation. Taking photos, examining the games in the shop.

"How could this be? I need to buy the football games? I came all the way here for nothing?" I whined to Lesly, albeit with more expletives and cursing than written here.

"New State government." Lesly said.

"Nooooo, this isn't what I wanted! Is this what I've voted for? IS THIS?????" I wailed dramatically, also really with more cursing and swearing than written here.

With the new Selangor Chief Minister swearing in today, obviously there will be stronger crackdown on those who defy the laws. Protecting the law and upholding justice, how unexpectedly effective they had become. One by one I saw the games being confiscated, the shop sealed off from customers, and knowing that I have faced an obstacle in fulfilling my creative vision, I felt, faintly, an unspeakable sense of sorrow that enveloped my pitch-black heart.

(Seriously, I'm just amused that I walked into the middle of an anti-piracy operation like this. Yay, anti-piracy rules)