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Monday, December 29, 2008

I DO have a clearer photo of Brigitte Lin from Dubai Film Fest!

Looking for photos to use in an email interview, I sifted through some remaining photos of the Dubai Film Fest closing ceremony that I haven't uploaded in my earlier post.

And I found a photo with Taiwanese filmmaker Chang Rong-Ji, who made the short film '天黑 The End Of The Tunnel', also in the same category as I was. His film is a mixture of fact and documentary, focusing on a real-life blind pianist and his (fictional) relationship with a pretty schoolmate who is healing a broken heart. The short film was his first attempt at narrative fiction as his previous works were all documentaries (one won the Golden Horse two years ago)

With Chang Rong-ji ("The End Of The Tunnel"), Dubai Film Fest 2008 Closing Ceremony

I also found another photo I took with Tsui Hark, this time only by myself. I double-clicked the photo to check it out properly again as I haven't done that before. To my surprise, Brigitte Lin can actually be seen standing in the background, on the far right of the photo.

Prior to this, I had regretted that the photo I took with Brigitte Lin was so blurry. Now I realize I still have another photo with her in it! Awesome!

With Tsui Hark (and behind me was Brigitte Lin!), Dubai Film Fest 2008 Closing Ceremony

Some Brigitte Lin fan video

Recap of Brigitte Lin's legendary career (in Mandarin)