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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kimmy Kiew is Zoey, a Dawson's Creek character with ice powers

Memories of the Legendary Chicken Rice
Kimmy Kiew in Chicken Rice Mystery

You know that the main actress of your short film had turned into a star when, aside from scooping up the Best Acting honours from BMW Shorties, she was chosen as the 'face' of the film by the Dubai Film Fest in their film catalogue. (I sent them two photos: a above photo of Kimmy, and a photo of the kid, Ming Wei, they ended up choosing Kimmy's photo... sorry Ming Wei)

Chicken Rice Mystery in the Dubai Film Fest catalogue

Her face was also on the big screen during the Closing Ceremony:

Chicken Rice Mystery on the big screen, Dubai Film Fest 2008 Closing Ceremony

And not to mention the fact that photo of hers had appeared in numerous Dubai newspapers and websites like this one, and this one.

In the greatest "WTF" moment ever, Kimmy had even appeared on Cracked.com's The 8 Most Misguided Sci-Fi Versions Of 2008 article. By listing the 8 stories set in the "futuristic" year of 2008 that completely dropped the proverbial ball.

Number 2 on the list is the year of 2008 in Dawson's Creek's series' finale.

'Star James Van Der Beek (AKA Dawson, “The Daws” or “Dawes Butler”) returns to his hometown in 2008 after becoming a successful television producer and creator of the fictional series The Creek, based on 60-minute segments of his life. This is extra meta, because the actual creator of Dawson’s Creek based the show on his life, creating a never-ending Oroburos of schlocky crap.'

Only in the sense that we still breathe Oxygen. The last memorable thing James Van Der Beek did was play himself getting the shit beaten out of him in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Since then, he’s bounced around from sitcom guest appearance to sitcom guest appearance, most recently One Tree Hill, or Dawson’s Creek: Remix. Meanwhile, 2008 primetime television is populated by counter-terrorists, smoke monsters, and spiritually conflicted robots from space. Any show based on a show we already watched ten years ago would have to under go some major changes. I’m thinking ice powers for Zoey, the fictional Dawson’s Creek character I’m pretending to reference. "

And they added a picture of 'Zoey'.

Zoey the fictional Dawson's Creek character with ice powers!

So there we go, aside from her massive face time in Dubai, Cracked.com had turned Kimmy into 'Zoey' (or, based on the blog tag, 'Zoey 101'), a fictional Dawson's Creek character they're pretending to reference.

Well done, Kimmy!

Mom (Kimmy) is angsty