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Monday, June 08, 2009

Picnic in Yoyogi Park

After spending an entirely sleepless night at Shinjuku, I caught a few hours of sleep before Maiko's call woke me up. (read more about it on my previous blog post) After that I got ready and headed off to Yoyogi Park for a picnic with Niklas, Lia The Artist and her friends: Jennifer and Yuu The Installation Artist.

Not a fan of summer afternoons, as the weather had turned a little too hot for my liking. Yet being at Yoyogi Park, bathed in the glow of the glorious summer sunlight would have been great for me to test my new camera.

Happily I took out my new and very beloved Panasonic DMC-LX3 and wanted to see what sort of masterful photography I could conjure in such an environment.

... then I realized that I forgot to bring the batteries.

"Eeeeeyaaaaaaargh!" I eeyargh'd in shock.

I decided to go back to my roots and snap photos with my cellphone instead.

Picnic food, my contributions were the least healthiest.

Picnic food

We waited for Jennifer to come. She left a couple of cryptic phone calls to Lia The Artist.

Lia speaking on the phone

After we dined, we were supposed to play the Hanafuda cards. (translated as 'flower cards'. Did you know that long before video games, Nintendo were manufacturers of Hanafuda cards?)

Hanafuda cards

Lia and Yuu pored through the instruction manual for games we could play with the Hanafuda cards. Turned out that things were too complicated, and we needed a dice as well.

... so we ended up playing with normal cards instead.

Playing cards

Jennifer joined us some while later. Here's a photo of her blowing bubbles.

Jennifer blowing bubbles

Immediately after that, my cellphone ran out of batteries.

We left in the evening. Before that I made a remark that this was probably the first time I've ever had a picnic in a park. It was meant to be a random throwaway remark. But with slight wistfulness I realized I was probably speaking the truth and all my life I've actually missed out simple pleasures like this.