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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Testing my new camera on the second night of Fuyajo Cinema Festival

After having complained endlessly about my old camera, and also NOT having a camcorder for the past 6 months, I've decided to rectify all these issues by buying a new camera that could serve as both. So I went off to buy myself a Panasonic DMC-LX3. As I was buying it, I realized how outdated I've been, I was offered to buy a 16GB memory card, and all these while I've been stuck with a 1GB one.

With the new camera, I headed off to Shinjuku Wald 9 again for the Fuyajo (Sleepless City) Cinema Festival, preparing for another sleepless night, and hopefully to catch some other films, and also visit my friends from my uni lab, who had offered to look after the cup noodles booth (free cup noodles were given to everyone who came for the festival).

When I arrived, they were watching the football match between Japan and Uzbekistan of the World Cup qualifiers. Japan had already scored, so they were happy.

Watching a football game

Game was being watched on An-chan's mobile phone.

Live telecast of football game on mobile phone

Then Kobayashi-sensei came and showed the capabilities of her phone camera. I didn't know why the others were reacting so strangely.

Kobayashi sensei shows her phone

The girl on the right in the pic below is Ayako, also a filmmaker. She had a film screening at the festival called BABY COMPLEX. I caught it, it was a good film (around 50 minutes long, has only 2 actors, great performances, very well-shot, and she has a good eye for visual composition) and I asked whether we could swap DVDs later.

The cup noodles booth

They continued watching football as I continued fiddling with my camera.

The girls watching the football game intensely

Maiko and Yamamoto posing

We were all in the cafe of Wald 9 cinema.

The cafe in Wald 9 cinema

One of the main reasons why I bought this camera is because it shoots HD videos. And this is what Shinjuku Wald 9 is like at 11pm.

This is Kobayashi-sensei returning to her booth outside the screening hall.

Kobayashi-sensei at work

And I started to play around with the focusing of the camera. It took quite a while to get used to.

Maiko ponders

An-chan is devious

Wald 9 escalators

A stack of cup noodles

Tsunaoka and An-chan ponder

Decided to take the very first self-portrait with the camera.

First self-portrait with the Panasonic DMC-LX3

After that I took a walk outside to see how good the night photos would look. (no, bicycle ain't mine)

Two bicycles

Street of Shinjuku at night

Street of Shinjuku at night 2

Flowers at the street of Shinjuku

Cars passing by

Hours went by during the festival.

Maiko drinking

Kawahara and Kobayashi-sensei

Tsunaoka reading the brochure

KINGYO on the brochure

Listening... listening...

As you can see, by the time it was around 3, the sky was starting to light up.

Yamamoto and Kawahara chatting

Seki-kun had fallen asleep. But remained vigilant in his efforts to promote Kawahara-san's film "Aho Whisky". (Even though he didn't really know it)

Seki promoting DVDs while asleep

Prankster Ueda and sleeping Seki

By the time it's half past four in the morning. The sun has already risen.

Shinjuku sunrise 1

Shinjuku sunrise 2

Shinjuku sunrise 3

Check it out on video!

I left at 5am, catching the first train home. I was too tired to really stay on for Tokyo University of Arts' screening. I then woke up to the sound of my mobile phone ringing. It was Maiko, she had tried calling me a few times. She told me that Waseda University, which was represented by KINGYO and Kawahara's 'Aho Whisky', had gotten the silver prize for the festival's competition. I didn't even know there was really a competition. But it was a joyous news.