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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Kingyo's test screening at Fuyajo Cinema Festival in Shinjuku Wald 9

The work-in-progress version of Kingyo finally had its test screening at the Fuyajo Cinema Festival in Wald 9 last night (or technically, this morning, since it was screened at 12am)

A couple of the cast and crew came.

I was happy to see main actress Luchino Fujisaki again. We just ran into each other at the elevator.

Here's a photo of her with Maiko the Producer and I.

Kingyo producer Maiko and star Luchino Fujisaki

With Luchino

(Luchino also had a brief blog entry about her thoughts just before the screening. It's in Japanese though)

We then took a group photo, this time with Lia the Artist/ Asst Director/ Production Designer's much nicer camera.

Group photo before test screening of Kingyo
(back row from left to right: Maiko the Producer, the musician Koh Ishibashi who played the street musician in KINGYO, and Kawamura-san who generously lent us his house for the shoot.

front row from left to right: Luchino the star, me, and Lia the Artist/ Asst Director/ Production Designer)

It was also a pleasant surprise to see many others attending the screening for support, like Keiko, whom I haven't met for a year, and also the elderly Tatsumi Dorm manager (I thought he was kidding when he said he would come, he wasn't) Jason was there too, along with his friend Alex. Maiko had many friends who came along, even her mom and sister were there. Of course, the entire gang from Ando's Lab (that's where I'm in at Waseda) were present too.

I guess the screening went pretty smoothly. Spotted some stuff that we had to work on with the sound, but other than that, I was really surprised to hear the sound of applause during the end credits since audiences were quite silent during the films that aired before KINGYO.

The festival ended at 6:30 in the morning. I went back with Maiko so I could say hello to her mom, who left after the KINGYO screening.

Maiko's Mom gave me her homemade cookies.

Maiko's mom's homemade cookies

Maiko's mom's homemade cookie is delicious

They were mindblowingly delicious! (finished eating the entire packet before I started to type out this blog post)

(I hope I can get my hands on the photos of me during the Q and A session)