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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Girl group Citrus Kiss performing at Shinjuku

As you all know, I have a certain fascination for street performers, especially in Japan. I like the fact that people perform here free from the silly notion that they were 'begging for money'.

On Sunday, as I was heading to the Uniqlo at the Shinjuku Pepe building, I saw a performance that someone who was with me at the time remarked "belonged to Akihabara" due to the cosplay. Nonetheless, I don't see bands like this much in Shinjuku, so I had to film it.

Citrus Kiss
(photo from their Ameblo photo album)

They were a 3-member girl group called Citrus Kiss, in the video below, the bespectacled chick providing additional vocals is Makyu, the one giving out flyers is Saya, the lead vocalist is Curren. But then, there is a lot of flexibilities with their roles, when I just saw them, it was Makyu and Saya doing all the singing while Curren was handing out flyers.

Once again, I maintained a wide shot because I thought the Shinjuku night scenery looked pretty damned cool. So yup, just something to share. (this dude has lots of Citruss Kiss videos on Youtube if you wanna check them out) Also visit their blog too if you can read Japanese. All three of them post there and there are usually multiple updates a day. Prolific.

Anyway, I'm preparing for my trip to Pusan tomorrow. Not sure whether postings will be erratic, I hope not.