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Monday, October 05, 2009

Meeting Singer Loo Yise at Klang Creative Fest 2009

Two months ago, I have mentioned briefly that I was attending the Klang Creative Fest, which was showing a couple of my short films. Despite taking a couple of videos and photos, I was unable to share them much because of the horrible internet connection at home in Malaysia. Nonetheless, I did mention about the genius kids there who made me feel puny.

During my short film screening sessions, the Malaysian singer Loo Yise was around to watch the first two films, CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY and (my rarely seen experimental video) FLEETING IMAGES. My schoolmate, multitalented singer-songwriter Jasemaine Gan was there too. Alas both had to leave early to prepare for their performances.

That's Jasemaine. (too bad I never got to catch her performance, sigh)

With Jasemaine Gan

When I was done with my screening, I managed to catch the last two songs of Yise's performance. This one's the last one (regular visitors of this blog might notice that I've uploaded this video on Youtube quite a while ago with the intention to blog about it)

Pardon the shakiness of the video, it was my friend Soo Han (and regular collaborator in my film shoots, he was the assistant editor for LOVE SUICIDES and then sound guy/ assistant director for my latest AFTERNOON RIVER, EVENING SKY) shooting the performance at first, then I took over filming duties and the video went straight to hell.

At the end of the above video, she'll remark that she felt nervous having a film director shooting at her with his camera, well, she was referring to me. Doubt she would feel nervous if she knew back then how my camera skills had sucked.

The music video of the song "Right Hand Left Hand" (literal translation) is here.

She had displayed some acting chops in other music videos of hers too. (she had acted in some TV dramas, and told me she was surprised to see James Lee, who directed her before, during his cameo appearance in CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY)

Apparently, only when I searched through Youtube for her music videos to post here, I noticed that some of them actually have two versions. Aside from the local versions, she had done some with (I assume) production crews from Mainland China, with souped-up effects and production values.

(Malaysian version)

(Chinese version)

After I took my photo with her, although I looked smothering hot, I realized I seemed a bit fatter than I've liked (cos she's so skinny).

With singer Loo Yise 罗忆诗 at Klang Creative Fest 2009

I voiced that out. She, being experienced in photoshoots, suggested that I should stand behind her for another one.

Standing behind Loo Yise 罗忆诗 to make myself look slimmer

Unfortunately we were posing for her camera instead of mine, so I'm not whether I looked slim enough in that photo. Yes, I'm vain.

(A week later, I would imitate her pose in Seoul.)

With Paolo