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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Emil Kloeden reviews FLEETING IMAGES

[Fleeting Images] Varanasi

I was a little surprised when I was contacted by Emil Kloeden yesterday via Twitter for permission to use one of my FLEETING IMAGES screenshots for his review.

It's not everyday that someone would bother to write a review of your short film. Thanks, man. Here's an excerpt:

In this time of heightened tension, a Malaysian film that speaks to the universality of human experience is all the more appropriate.

Edmund Yeo (aka Swifty) is a Malaysian filmmaker, currently residing in Tokyo, Japan. On December 15 2009 his “experimental” (2) short film, Fleeting Images, won the Grand Prix at the sixth Con-Can Movie Festival, an online-based short film festival where voting is open to the public.

Fleeting Images is a part philosophical, part meditative exploration of what it means to live and to experience the passing of time. The narrative – as much as there is one – (as the title suggests, the plot is comprised of a series of images or snapshots) is told in voiceover from the perspective of a young woman who receives a series of emails from a male friend, travelling through India and Japan. The correspondence she receives is a collection of his musings (what do the blind see in their dreams?) and observations (that time itself seems to move slower in rural India).

Link to the rest of the review.

FLEETING IMAGES trailer (click here if you can't see embedded video)

Yes, you can watch the entire film here (member registration is free)