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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Erna reviews KINGYO

The woman (Rukino Fujisaki) whispers something to the man (Takao Kawaguchi)

I was just saying in my previous post that it's not everyday someone would bother to write a review of your short film.

I need to rephrase that.

It's not everyday that you have TWO people writing about two different short films of yours.

Here's an excerpt from Erna's KINGYO review.

An ex-colleague of mine was rather disdainful about Edmund, saying that he thought far too highly of himself.

He obviously didn’t get Edmund at all. He’s a funny soul, who is often misunderstood. If only they could see past the hilarious fascetiousness on his blog and see the sensitive soul with a gift and love for narrative.

The disdainful ex-colleague was, well, overly disdainful. I can't get it when people think that I think far too highly of myself when I'm pretty much the humblest person in the universe. My modesty is an overlooked art that truly rivals the masterpieces from the renaissance era.

But ah, the rest of Erna's KINGYO review can be found here.

Tis' the KINGYO trailer.

Click here if you can't see embedded video