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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dad's birthday dinner 2010

Anyway, just as I've mentioned in my previous post. Yesterday was my dad's birthday. He has hit the big 6-0. Good work, dad.

We had dinner at a steamboat restaurant, along with my friend Kai Fai. I just got myself a new lens (a 50mm 1.8) for my Canon 7D, so I tested it too. Big mistake. Had to press myself against the wall just to get a somewhat wider image.

mom and dad at dad's birthday dinner

Mom and dad

Mom and dad with Kai Fai

I haven't had myself photographed for a long time. I'm glad I'm still smoldering hot.

Me with Mom and Dad

The food was yummy.

Delicious steamboat

Eating steamboat food

kai fai eating

Mom and dad talking.

Dad listening to mom

Dad gives sister (who's now in Perth) a call.

Dad calls my sister in Perth

Well, off I go now. I do miss the high speed internet of Tokyo.