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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Petronas Twin Towers, the unclear future, and a traffic jam

On my last day in Malaysia (which was dad's birthday), I was at KLCC in the afternoon to meet up with an old friend, so I decided to snap a photo of the Petronas Twin Towers.

Petronas twin towers bathed in sunlight

And then, nearby, there was a young woman with a DLSR, snapping some photos of the twin towers too, before looking at the fountain beside her. She was there for quite a while, not taking any photos after that.

Lady photographer by the fountain

I then met up with Jacyn, who had just returned from Perth.


Jacyn was a film student during my Perth days, she was the assistant director and producer of my student short, VERTICAL DISTANCE.

After I returned to Malaysia at the end of 2006, and then coming to Tokyo, she remained in Perth to do her Masters in accounting. Thanks to that, she can find herself a more stable job in Malaysia. Her intention now is to find a day job in accounting, then perhaps do something filmmaking-related on the side that can hopefully rekindle her passion in filmmaking.

I'm a little pessimistic with that, and told her that if she were serious about filmmaking, it would be better to commit to it full-time (by trying to get into a production company instead). But then, my advice was probably more impractical and irrational than what she had intended to do.

I left later. As I was headed to the steamboat restaurant for dad's birthday dinner, I found myself stuck in yet another KL traffic jam. So many cars around me.

KL Traffic Jam

I wondered where everyone was heading.