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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cannes Day 2: Finally saw some celebrities

I'm staying in a hotel at Juan Le Pins, which is one station away from Cannes.

As I took a walk around, I realized Juan Le Pins is quite a charming little place.

Beach at Juan Le Pins

Beach at Juan Le Pins 2

Beach at Juan Le Pins 3

Ming Jin and his wife Tomoko, along with our main actress Fooi Mun, finally arrived in the afternoon.

We headed off to Cannes, collected their badges, got more information about THE TIGER FACTORY's screenings on the 21st, had a look at the Quinzaine Club that we had free access to on the 5th floor of the Palais Stephanie hotel.

With Ming Jin and Fooi Mun outside the Club quinzaine

Then as we were about to leave the hotel, we saw a crowd gathered outside, in a frenzy.

They were mobbing Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Van Damme mobbed at Cannes Film Festival 2010

Jean-Claude Van Damme

He was heading to the gala screening of Mike Leigh's competition entry, ANOTHER YEAR.

We waded through the crowd and saw a line of nice black cars that were also heading to the screening. One car had the name 'Michelle' pasted in front. We then noticed that it was Malaysia's own (Dato) Michelle Yeoh, in the car. She was busy talking to some other guy.

"I wonder whether she knew that a Malaysian film is in Cannes too." Fooi Mun mused as we continued our way.