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Monday, May 17, 2010

Cannes Day 3: Jia Zhangke, Wang Xiaoshuai, Kiarostami, etc.

Discovered a nice bakery at Juan Le Pins in the morning.

Tomoko and Fooi Mun in front of a bakery in Juan Le Pins

Took a walk by the beach.

Fooi Mun and the Sea

Ming Jin taking photo of Tomoko

Fooi Mun under the clear blue sky

Ming Jin and Tomoko under the clear blue sky

Ming Jin, Tomoko and Fooi Mun

Me with Tomoko and Fooi Mun

Headed to Cannes. Caught an Un Certain Regard film called 'R U THERE' by David Verbeek. It's a Dutch film set in Taipei.

After that I saw Miffy. So cute!

Ming Jin and Tomoko with Miffy

Then we went to the Main Palais. Was in awe by the support given to some films by their own countries.

Looking at some film posters

Bumped into Kiki and Ono-san. One of my latest short films was done with them (with Kiki as main actress/ producer) and Ono-san as one of the executive producers)

Kiki, Ming Jin, Ono-san and me

Headed off to Chinese director Jia Zhangke's (贾樟柯) post-screening party. (his documentary, I WISH I KNEW, was shown under Un Certain Regard section) on the rooftop of some building.

A rooftop view of Cannes

Nice food.

From left to right: Filmmakers Wang Xiaoshuai 王小帅, Jia Zhangke and the actor Qin Hao 秦昊, whom I recognized from Lou Ye's film SPRING FEVER (I saw it at last year's Seoul Cinema Digital Film Festival, it was the opening film). This time Qin Hao was in Wang Xiaoshuai's competition film, CHONGQING BLUES.

Chinese filmmakers Wang Xiaoshuai, Jia Zhangke and actor Qin Hao

Jia Zhangke and Abbas Kiarostami.

Jia Zhangke and Abbas Kiarostami

With Wang Xiaoshuai.

Ming Jin and me with Wang Xiaoshuai

The two actresses I've collaborated with.

Kiki and Fooi Mun

I chitchatted with Qin Hao, and told him his performance in Spring Fever reminded me of a young Leslie Cheung, he was overwhelmed, though we both agreed that I would rather he has a happy life.

Me with Qin Hao

With Abbas Kiarostami.

Fooi Mun, me with Abbas Kiarostami

Ming Jin and Fooi Mun with Abbas Kiarostami

Jia Zhangke with his muse Zhao Tao 赵涛.

Jia Zhangke and Zhao Tao being interviewed

Jia Zhangke and Zhao Tao

Sunset in Cannes (... close to 9pm)

With Zhao Tao and Jia Zhangke

It was already 9 when the sun was setting.

At 10pm, we went off to the Korean party.

From left to right: Kiki, Ming Jin, Kim Ji Seok, Lorna, Kim Dong Ho and Hiromi

Group photo during the Korean Party

Korean Party was rather busy

Kiki and I

Managed to catch the last train at 12:10am home after that.