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Monday, May 24, 2010

Cannes Day 4: Prof Ando brings us to nice restaurant

I've returned to Tokyo this morning. It's been an enjoyable trip in Cannes. The reception for THE TIGER FACTORY was very warm, there was a nice standing ovation, but I'll get to that later.

Each night I was left so tired that I didn't have time to upload photos.

17th of May.

Miffy was around again.

Fooi Mun with Miffy

Executive Producer of THE TIGER FACTORY, Professor Ando had also arrived in Cannes. He's a Cannes regular, having been to Cannes more than 20 times during his days as a TBS producer before he went to Waseda University to teach. But now, he's back again!

Ando-sensei at the Salon

Ming Jin, Tomoko, Fooi Mun. Salon

We were at the Salon. Nice view, but not much else.

So we headed to the UniJapan party.

Group photo in Japan Party

Japan party 1

Japan party 2

THE TIGER FACTORY is a Malaysian-Japanese co-production, so the kind folks of UniJapan placed a poster of our film on their booths. I love them!

THE TIGER FACTORY in Uni Japan booth

I love the poster of this documentary about a legendary porn film director too.

Me and a poster of a documentary about a pornographer

Then we made our way to dinner.

Looking at the street of Cannes

Ming Jin and Tomoko walking down the street of Cannes

Kobayashi-sensei and Fooi Mun

Kobayashi-sensei and Fooi Mun bathed in sunlight

Kobayashi-sensei and Fooi Mun bathed in sunlight 2

Fooi Mun and Kobayashi-sensei walkin up a slope

We reached the top of a hill and viewed the scenery.

Looking at Cannes

Enjoying the Cannes scenery

Cannes seaside from above

The clock tower struck eight. Yes, it was 8 in the evening, yet the sky remained bright.

Clock tower

We continued our way to the restaurant, with Prof Ando leading the way.

Walking down the streets of Cannes bathed in heavenly light

Ended up at the Le Manoir restaurant.

Le Manoir

Fooi Mun, Ming Jin and Tomoko

With Prof Ando and Kobayashi-sensei.

With Kobayashi-sensei and Ando-sensei

We dined merrily.

Nice French Food

Nice French Food

Nice French Food

Nice French Food

Nice French Food

Twilight crept into Cannes without us noticing.

Twilight in Cannes

Musicians played.

Click here if you can't see embedded video

It was a joyous day, we had gotten tickets for Abbas Kiarostami's CERTIFIED COPY the following day too. (me and Fooi Mun for the morning show, Ming Jin, his wife Tomoko, Prof. Ando and Kobayashi-sensei got tickets for the evening gala screening).

Then as we left, Kobayashi-sensei realized that her bag was stolen. A bag that contained her passport and many other stuff. Suddenly the day was less merry.