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Sunday, August 01, 2010


kingyo poster

31st of July, Saturday, was the 2nd screening of KINGYO at the Skip City International D-Cinema Film Fest.

When I reached Skip City, there was some baton twirling action going on.

video link

Prior to the screening I had some nice spaghetti.

Spaghetti before screening

Qyoko was there again for the second screening, but this time, she was joined by KINGYO lead actor Takao Kawaguchi. Lead actress Luchino couldn't make because she had rehearsals for a stage performance.

Characters in KINGYO were actually nameless (actually, they had names in the original script, just that I could never find away to have their names being mentioned in actual dialogue), so when we were on the stage, audiences were amused when I introduced them like this "This is Takao Kawaguchi, he played... the man in KINGYO, and this is Qyoko Kudo, she played the... wife."

Unfortunately, this time I didn't take any photos nor videos of the Q and A session. But once again, Akiko was my translator.

I, along with the other 3 filmmakers present, were asked to elaborate on our casting process. So I explained briefly that Qyoko came for an audition after answering an Internet notice, while Takao... we met in a party.

Asked about the toughest scenes to shoot and I explained that it was tough to shoot the Akihabara scenes, especially since it was winter and it was so bloody cold at night. Felt the worst for Luchino, who was only wearing a maid costume throughout! While I could keep myself warm by running from one camera to another to check the footages that we were shooting etc.

Had some photos from after the screening though.

After the KINGYO screening

KINGYO team, triumphant after the screening!

KINGYO team (with temporarily adopted members) after screening in Skip City Film Fest

Here's director Hajime Ishida of KARAKURI.

With director of Karakuri, Hajime Ishida

This is voice actress Mina Hiroe (she reiterated the fact that she doesn't just do voice-acting). She enjoyed KINGYO verily, but was surprised by my excited reaction when she told me she did voice work as one of the band members in ENOZ for the anime series THE MELANCHOLY OF HARUHI SUZUMIYA.

Torigoe the sound guy was here too.

Torigoe the sound guy and I. Devoured

With Torigoe the Sound Guy

As I was about to leave Skip City, they were about to start having a Bon Odori. There was a Taiko performance.

video link

video link

video link

taiko performance at Skip City

taiko performance at Skip City 2

Little girl watching the Taiko performance

I have to say that I've grown rather fond of this film festival and would love to come back again next year. The closing ceremony is tomorrow. (or rather, today, since it's 2:15am while I'm writing this.)

Skip City poster on a lamp post