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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ah. Catharsis.

On the 3rd of August, I finally put the finishing touch on the music + video installation project I mentioned earlier.

Tao Sha, the actress I used earlier, returned for a quick voice recording session. She was to recite a poem by Phyllis Lin Hui Yin.

Tao Sha going through her lines

The past two months went by in a blur, I can't even actually remember what had happened since I came back from Brest and Brignogan. A few days of being sick, then dealing with the Masters' Thesis presentation, and finally, quickly putting together a few projects to shake off my rust and ennui (that derived from the lack of filmmaking and creative endeavours).

The screenings at the Skip City International D-Cinema Fest and Odaiba's SF7 had been really fun, and it was flattering to see the warm response towards KINGYO and LOVE SUICIDES. No wonder I missed filmmaking so much.

This project that I was collaborating with Huey Ching the composer is not exactly like my usual filmmaking attempts, but it was good to feel the thrills again. The stress of finding a location for the video shoot, and scheduling an actress. The slight exasperation of knowing that a particular idea cannot be pulled off because of time and financial constraints (lack of manpower too), and then, the exuberance of suddenly being hit by ANOTHER idea that potentially trumps the previous one, and is MUCH easier to pull off.

It's good to feel them all again, this roller coaster of emotions.

Tao Sha before voice recording

Tao Sha during voice recording session

Yes, it was almost cathartic.