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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I was Crossing Hennessy in Hong Kong

Arrived at Hong Kong two days ago, staying at an interesting hotel at Wan Chai called MINGLE BY THE PARK. Here's dad.

Dad in the hotel room of MINGLE BY THE PARK

The first night was memorable because we spent hours glued before the TV set, watching the Manila tourist bus hostage situation. When it finally ended, we left to have dinner. The sky seemingly wept for the national tragedy.

Rain-drenched street of Hong Kong

Rain-drenched street of Hong Kong 2

Bus at rain-drenched street of Hong Kong

The scenery made me think of the Johnnie To films, PTU and SWALLOW.

The next day, Jonathan and Henry, directors of InDPanda Short Film Festival, brought me to a cha chaan teng for lunch.

cha chaan teng logo

This ain't any normal cha chaan teng, it's actually the shooting location for the film CROSSING HENNESSY, starring Jacky Cheung and LUST CAUTION's Tang Wei. A fact that the cafe itself didn't fail to remind us.

Poster of Crossing Hennessy, starring Jackie Cheung and Tang Wei

Of course I had to take a photo in front of it. (woman in black was probably thinking: "Damn camwhoring tourists!")

Me, in front of the Crossing Hennessy Cha Chaan Teng

It started to rain again.

We took the ferry to cross the river.

Hong Kong ferry

I looked out at Hong Kong's tallest building. It was the same building Batman jumped off from in THE DARK KNIGHT.

Looking out through the ferry window

It's funny how my recognition of places in Hong Kong are caused mostly by the films and TV dramas I had been watching since my childhood.

Inside the ferry

tsim sha tsui ferry terminal

Went off to a shopping center in Mongkok to check out cheap camera gears.

Came back to Wan Chai in the evening to meet up with my friend Kevin.

He brought me back to the Cha Chaan Teng in CROSSING HENNESSY after dinner. This time we had egg tarts.

Having Egg tarts with Kevin

If i had more time, I would have photoshopped his face with Tang Wei's.