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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Visiting a horror film set.

I arrived in Hong Kong yesterday afternoon (it's 2am when I'm writing this), the night before, Lesly the Cinematographer and Moon Lai the actress of THE TIGER FACTORY and NOW (the 1-min epic I shot last week) went to visit a horror film set.

For the sake of preserving the production team's privacy and keeping things confidential, I won't divulge what film is it, or anything about its cast and crew either.

It was a long drive, the film was shot entirely in an isolated forest. It looked really pretty when lit up.

A forest of lights

Production set of a horror film

Moon Lai by the river

here's a video to give you a better idea of how pretty the place was.

video page

"I see dead people!"

I see dead people.

Moon Lai visiting a horror film set

After half an hour at the set, we started to leave.

Forest is strangely beautiful

Horror film set from a distance

Moon Lai taking photos of a horror film set


Leaving the horror film set

I've never been to such a large set, complete with a stunt team, using wires and stuff. I'm intrigued about the film and will look forward to checking it out when it's done.


The title of the film is SERU (The Calling). It was screened at the Udine Film Festival and Pucheon Fantastic Film Festival 2011.

Here's the trailer.