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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Visiting Kamakura with Mom

22nd of September 2010, two days after my graduation ceremony, and 2 days before receiving news of my uncle's sudden passing. It was Mid-Autumn Festival.

No mooncakes or lanterns though, just me bringing mom to Kamakura to visit the Big Buddha.

In the morning, mom, dad and I had breakfast at Doutor Coffee.

Mom and Dad at Doutor Coffee

Then mom and I went on our way.

I was in Kamakura back in January. That was winter.

It was rather warm when we reached Kamukara. Neither mom and I could stand the sunlight.

So we decided to hang out in a restaurant for some lunch first.

Nice beef slices

Mom taking photo of our lunch

Delicious rice

I remember it was a great meal.

The dessert was exquisite too.

Banana crepe

Ice cream crepe

Hanging out in the restaurant for nearly two hours, it was about to empty out. The Boyz 2 Men album they were playing had looped twice.

The restaurant in Kamakura

Mum in the Kamakura restaurant

So we went on our way again.

Mum at the streets of Kamakura

Mum walking through the streets of Kamakura

And finally reached the Big Buddha.

Mum in front of the Kamakura Big Buddha

Then we returned to the Kamakura station to catch a train back to Shinjuku.

Mum before leaving Kamakura

It was a Mid-Autumn Festival without mooncakes and lanterns, just a peaceful afternoon in Kamakura, and after that, dad rejoined us for dinner.