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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Waseda Festival 2010

Yesterday was the Waseda Festival 2010. (read about Waseda Festival 2009)

Not much about the fair though, since the highlight of my day was clearly this:

With Tao Sha (in maid costume!)

Although I was quite amused by the folks at the Bodybuilding Club too. A group of muscular dudes were in the university campus, flexing their muscles, letting people touch them, while they hand out flyers.

Bodybuilding Club at Waseda Fair

Very manly.

I like the dance performance too, but mostly for the dude screaming in the background and not for the dance itself.

video page

And then, the Waseda Ballers performed too.

This one, I'm genuinely impressed.

video page

video page

Waseda Ballers

I was only at the fair for barely half an hour.

Then I got interviewed by the maid.

With Tao Sha (in maid costume!)