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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Japanese director Masahiro Kobayashi's live gig at Manda-la 2

Yesterday evening, I headed to Manda=la 2 at Kichijoji to catch Japanese director Masahiro Kobayashi's live gig.

Director Masahiro Kobayashi performs

I knew Masahiro Kobayashi as the director of award-winning films like MAN WALKING ON SNOW (2001), BASHING (2005) and WAKARANAI (2007) which won the Golden Leopard in Locarno Film Festival that year. Met him in Rotterdam Film Fest earlier this year. Wasn't aware that he actually started out as a folk singer... until I checked the Wikipedia today (yes, after I attended his gig, I wondered why he could sing so well)

The live gig was supposed to be held on March 12.

Sign outside Manda-la 2

Because of the March 11 earthquake, it was called off.

It served some nice mango parfaits!

Nice manga parfait

When guest performer Goro Nakagawa was performing... there was a minor earthquake.

Nakagawa Goro performing

Was watching a gig in a bar, suddenly there was a quake!

Finally, it was Masahiro Kobayashi's performance.

I only shot the video of the first song, then my iPhone ran out of batteries :(