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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Revisiting "The Downtown Star Festival" (Shitamachi Tanabata Matsuri) at Kappabashi-Hondori

Back on Thursday, I visited the Kappabashi-Hondori with a friend to check out the Downtown Star Festival (Shitamachi Tanabata Matsuri). We were both struck by how quiet it was, and wondered why people were actually still preparing the decorations in the evening.

Of course, I actually made a mistake, thinking that it was a one-day festival for July 7. In truth, this festival was supposed to last until weekends.

We revisited the place again today and it was a huge difference!!! Even from the distance, I could hear the sound of Taiko drums. The street was totally crowded.

There was a taiko drum performance!

Taiko performance at Kappabashi

Taiko performance at Kappabashi 2

Taiko performance at Kappabashi 3

Good work, little girl!

Taiko performance at Kappabashi 4

I actually filming the performance, but somehow, I think my 7D overheated, or it froze, I had to switch it off, and when I switched it on again, the video was gone. Darn.

Taiko performance at Kappabashi for Tanabata Matsuri

We continued our way.

Tanabata matsuri at Kappabashi

There were numerous stalls set up at the streets. Some were selling iced cucumbers on sticks.

Iced cucumbers

Old man selling cookies/ pancakes?

I think these elderly folks were in the middle of a game of some sort, a crowd was gathered around them.

Some stuff happening at the Tanabata matsuri

Crowd at Tanabata Matsuri

There was a Kappa too!! My experience at the street was complete.


Three girls in Kimono

Oh yeah, here's a photo of myself.

Me at the Tanabata Festival 七夕祭り