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Friday, June 21, 2013

Ranking the Pixar Movies

It's most likely that the next movie I'm catching is MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, the prequel to the wonderful MONSTERS INC.

Last night, after reading The Playlist's "From Worst To Best: Ranking The Pixar Movies", I decided to come up with my own list as well.

It was tough, hence the number of ties on my list.

1) Wall-E = Saw it twice, cried twice. Did I say I cried? I mean, ahem, I, er, well, visuals were so pretty that they stung my eyes, yeah. And the culprit was usually breathtaking scene. It's one of the great scenes of cinematic history.

I am so fond of this film that I sometimes have trouble accepting why or how anyone could NOT like this film at all. Well, I met a few, I remain befuddled.

2) (tie) Monster Inc = I remember this hitting me really hard when I first saw it. Until now, I have seen it only once, just to preserve its beauty in my memory, I guess. I saw it in the cinema and was annoyed when the kid behind me was constantly asking questions at the most wonderful of scenes ("Why is that monster crying?" "Why is that monster hugging the little girl?" "What are the monsters saying?" "Why are there so many doors", "Why was the monster smiling in the end" etc etc"), I wasn't crying, I only had a cold.

2) (tie) Toy Story 3 = Being a toy collector, the ending of the film was a gut punch. When it ended, I, er, had trouble leaving the theater, maybe it was the 3D glasses getting all misty and stuff, yeah, that's it. (In recent years, Pixar films had made it easier for me to cry, it's a sign of me getting older? Or did they just become more moving?) Again, like Wall-E, I just cannot fathom how anyone could despise TOY STORY 3!

4) Finding Nemo = I'm a little shocked to realize that Finding Nemo came out 10 years ago. There's just something very rich about the film, emotionally.

5) Ratatouille = I remember sitting in the cinema, and feeling more and more in love with the film as it went on.

6) (tie) Toy Story 2 = Yup, one of those sequels which I firmly believe is better than the first.

6) (tie) The Incredibles = Once the entire family got hold of their power, it was absolutely exhilarating.

8) Up = I like the film a lot, but I thought it went downhill after Carl's wife died. (Or rather the rest of the film didn't match the sublime quality of the 5-minute montage, one of the greatest love stories I've ever seen put onscreen)

9) Toy Story = The one that started it all. But I think the sequels did more to deepen its mythology and characters. Memories of the film are pretty vague.

10) Brave = I still think of this as a B to B+ film. I was just surprised that it wasn't something epic like Princess Mononoke, but that it's a small-scaled heartwarming family story. Of course, this film will forever be intertwined within my own memories as the film that I was watching on July 14th, 2012, the day my grandmother died. I could think of a few animated films in 2012 that I liked more, like PARANORMAN, or WRECK-IT RALPH.

11) Cars = It's a good film, but not a great one. So, for Pixar standards, it was disappointing. But I remember it still being one of my favourite films of summer 2006.

12) A Bug's Life = Also an early Pixar film that I cannot remember that much. I remember liking it a lot, but preferring Antz more than this. I've seen this only once, so I might change its ranking after I rewatch it.

13) Cars 2 = I hate Mater. This film never happened. (Okay, to be fair, this film is better than some of Dreamworks' worst efforts in the early 00s, but I don't watch a Pixar film just to compare it with a bad Dreamworks animated film)