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Monday, July 15, 2013

When cast members constantly live-tweets your film shoot...

On the 28 and 29th of June, I was shooting my new short film, FLOATING SUN, which is part of the HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL: 3 DOORS OF HORROR omnibus project produced by James Lee.

I like to see photos of myself working. This is me directing my new film FLOATING SUN #幻日

The other two directors, Ng Ken Kin and Leroy Low had long finished their segments, so it was up to me to ensure that I wouldn't screw up.

Once again, my cinematographer was Lesly Leon Lee, who shot my first two short films CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY (2008) and LOVE SUICIDES (2009), and later, my one-minute Prada short film "NOW". Because of this, I couldn't help but find myself comparing the current film shoot with those from 5 years ago.

One of the biggest differences nowadays is the advent of social media and smart phone technology. Cast and crew members can now easily live-tweet/ live-blog/ live-facebook/ live-whatever the entire process of the shoot. Of course, being generally open to such things, I agreed to let everyone post up videos or photos of the shoot as long as I look flattering, and as long as they don't spoil the story.

FLOATING SUN, which is loosely based on a Kanai Mieko story, stars Emily Lim 林佩琦, Daphne Low 刘倩妏, Candy Lee 李佳洁 (whom I last worked with in last year's short film DOUBLE which I produced), Steve Yap 叶良财, Candy Ice 林冰冰 and Azman Hassan (who had appeared in almost every single important Malaysian independent film out there).

It revolves around a drowned corpse.

A beautiful drowned corpse, from my new short film FLOATING SUN. #幻日

Instagram had became everyone's main tool.

Lead actress Emily Lim had some behind the scene stuff.

She even made herself a poster. Awesome.

Candy Lee posted a video of her long make-up session for the film.

Photos of her with her co-stars.

And photos of us saying goodbye when we wrapped the shoot.

Daphne Low is more active with Facebook.

This photo of her and her two co-leads are amusing.

Photo of us when we finished the shoot.

Candy Ice, on the other hand, was with us for only a day. The videos she took during the shoot, however, were pretty interesting.

There's some artistry involved.

Steve Yap had some photos of the "make-up room" and the co-stars too.

Right now, I'm still in the middle of postproduction. Editing is done, grading is slightly tricky. Hmm.