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Monday, July 15, 2013

Introducing "Autumn Di Hatiku", a web series I wrote and directed

This is the story of how I got this beautiful Autumn Di Hatiku pillow.

I received an Autumn Di Hatiku pillow

It's a little strange that I have not made any mention of Autumn Di Hatiku on this blog before. It shows how behind I really am when it comes to updating this blog! I blame this on Facebook and Twitter.

At the end of May and early June, Woo Ming Jin and I directed a Malay-language web series for Tonton called Autumn Di Hatiku (translated as Autumn In My Heart). This 28-episode series is a comedy that is both a parody and a love letter of the current Hallyu (Korean Wave) phenomenon.

"Autumn Di Hatiku" tells the story of Nina (Hanez Suraya), who works in a bakery and is a K-pop fanatic. Along with her best friend Jaja (Ezzaty Abdullah), Nina is obsessed with Korean dramas, often discussing storyline and reenacting scenes during their free time. One day while working, a customer at the bakery catches her attention, Park Au Tum, nicknamed ‘Autumn’ (Kim Jin Sung). The dashing Autumn has just arrived in Malaysia for business matters. Nina instantly falls head over heels for him but he barely speaks English and clearly Nina is super shy. After a failed attempt at getting Autumn’s attention, Nina finds out that her grumpy co-worker Zidick (Aiman Hakim Ridza) happens to be an expert on Korea, having lived there when he was a teenager. Without hesitation, she enlists him and Jaja to help her in her attempts to win Autumn's heart. Hilarity ensues.

This is the first ever web series made exclusively for the Tonton website. Tonton, of course, is owned by Media Prima, which also has stations like TV3, NTV7, 8TV etc. under its umbrella.

This shoot happened before Instagram allowed video uploading, but once again, the cast members had done a lot to live-tweet/ live-blog the shoot.

Our lead actress, Hanez Suraya, for example, posted a lot of great photos from the shoot.

Anyway, in July 1st, 2013, right after I wrapped the shoot for FLOATING SUN, my new short film, I headed off to the AUTUMN DI HATIKU press conference for the launching of the series.

The band, Kyoto Protocol, were there to perform JELITA, the theme song of the series. (the song is currently no.1 in iTunes Malaysia)

After that, I answered some questions from the press.

Took some group photos with the team.

Group photo at Autumn Di Hatiku press conference

Group photo at Autumn Di Hatiku press conference 2

Oh, and I got my awesome-looking Autumn Di Hatiku pillow at the press conference!

You can view Autumn Di Hatiku at Tonton.com.my for free. While I am writing this, episode 13 had came out and we have almost reached the halfway mark of the series.