WATCH: 3 DOORS OF HORRORS 鬼節:三重門, a 45-minute horror omnibus film (featuring my new short film FLOATING SUN)

The first poster of FLOATING SUN

3 DOORS OF HORRORS 鬼節:三重門, which my new short film FLOATING SUN is a part of, was uploaded on Youtube a week ago.

The response had been overwhelming, and we were blessed by the numerous media coverage that this humble little project has received.

3 DOORS OF HORRORS also features segments by Leroy Low and Ng Ken Kin (whose previous works I wrote about here). Leroy Low's I MISS YOU TWO is the first segment of the omnibus while Ken Kin's HORROR MISSION is the last. The interesting thing about this compilation is that three of us are so vastly different in terms of styles that I have a feeling you might find something you like in either one of the segments in the omnibus.

So, please watch this.

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