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Saturday, August 24, 2013

WATCH: Video of the 3 DOORS OF HORRORS world premiere

I mentioned that 3 DOORS OF HORRORS (which features my new short film FLOATING SUN) has been uploaded on Youtube last Saturday. But prior to that, we actually had two great physical screenings of the omnibus film.

(I also realized for the very first time that I can embed Facebook posts on my blog, so I'm trying it for the very first time!)

The first one was held on the 16th of May (a day before the film was uploaded on Youtube) at Sunway Pyramid and was organized by the kind folks at One Academy.

Three of the actresses from FLOATING SUN were there, Emily Lim, Candy Lee and Regina (the kid).

The following day, there was a simultaneous Youtube launch of the film, and a screening of the film at Toccata Studios.

This video, hosted by FLOATING SUN actress Daphne Low, covers both events.

Remember to watch 3 DOORS OF HORRORS.