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Friday, April 25, 2014

Bali was indeed beautiful

Paddy fields in Bali

During my 10 days in Bali (I was there because I rented my camera out for an Indonesian-Japanese co-production film shoot), I managed to see some beautiful sights.

I was at the beach in dawn, waiting for the morning sun to light up the sky.

Dawn in Bali

Morning at Bali beach

There were also numerous photos of myself being taken by my pal, the award-winning documentarian Daniel Rudi Haryanto, whom I last met in Dubai International Film Festival 2010. Rudi was there to do the "making-of" video of the film shoot.

Daniel had taken some of the best photos of myself at Dubai back then. Here's a series of photos he took then that I really liked.

Me, before the opening ceremony

At the Dubai Film Fest opening ceremony

Casting my shadow over the red carpet

This time, in Bali, he didn't disappoint either. His photos were mostly of my silhouette, which made things more dramatic. And one can't complain about not recognizing me in the photos, with my signature spiky hair and all.

Photos of me taking photos of the sea.

Me with a camera

Me trying to take photos

Me hanging out with Heri the boom operator.

Me and Heri the boom operator

The photographer and the boom operator
And more of me taking photos.

Capturing the moment in Bali

With the film crew.

Taking photos of the film crew

Not taking photos of the film crew

The paddy fields were quite nice and familiar.

Bali paddy field

But the most stunning scenery I saw was Jatiluwih's famous rice terrace. A Unesco world heritage site.

Rice terrace of Jatiluwih

Jatiluwih rice terrace

Jatiluwih rice terrace 2

I was suddenly reminded of the tea fields in Cameron Highlands.

During my last day in Bali, I went to the Tirta Empul temple. Also a world heritage site.

Statue outside Titra Empal Temple

The place is famous for the holy springs.