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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Photos and worm-eating misadventures from a documentary shoot

Ah yes, during the end of February, I was directing four documentary shorts for Channel News Asia, it was a one week shoot and each segment is only 2-3 minutes. The shoot took me to a few different cities and places, time for preparation was pretty short. I believed I was approached to direct them less than a week before the actual shoot. Nevertheless, I had fun.

And here are some photos (and videos) I took during the shoot.

The first segment is about Fung Wong Biscuits, a traditional biscuit shop at Petaling Street which has existed since the late 1800s, it is now run by its 4th generation owner, Melvin Chan.

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For the second segment, we flew off to Kota Kinabalu to chronicle the tale of Sandra Paut, a young chef who opened a restaurant that serves traditional Kadazandusun dishes, once they were the type of food you could only find in villages, but thanks to the efforts of Sandra, the dishes had became pretty hip among city folks.

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The most memorable part of the shoot was having Sabah Minister of Tourism Datuk Haji Masidi Manjun introduce to me the find art of eating the Butod worm. Alive. I think that rite of passage turned me into a real man.

The life of filmmaking is full of adventures.

The third segment is about former TV personality and rocker Rina Omar, who recently got into dragon boating. Got to follow her a day at Putrajaya during her dragon boat training.

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I even posted my first ever Facebook Live video, because I realized that my crew and I couldn't exactly leave the boat until they were done with their 2-hour training, under the scorching sun, I had a lot to contemplate about...

Finally, the fourth segment documents a young man Ganesh Muran, who invented and installed solar-powered water filtering systems for impoverished villages (that belong to the orang asli. The villagers had no access to electricity and clean water). Instead of wanting to make a billion dollars like he wanted to, now Ganesh had a more modest intention of saving a billion people.

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