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I Announce the 'Chubby Cheeks Contest' Winner! The Queen Is Not Amused.

My SPEED mailing list is dead, I guess. Long live the SPEED mailing list.


Zen Mind Rape, Bitch!

Hitomi Kanehara and Risa Wataya. Young, pretty Japanese novelists.

NIGHT WATCH (Nochnoy dozor)

Xiaxue Probed Me.

My romance with Dawn Yang is doomed

Chairman Mao Explains It All.

A discussion on the beautiful blogger Dawn Yang.

Vlog: Hanging out with Kenny Sia

Finding Meaning In Films

My Friend Is A Reincarnation Of Xu Zhimo

Chubby Cheeks contest

MUST LOVE DOGS starring Diane Lane and John Cusack

Joss Whedon's SERENITY

Both Aisyalam and Hindi Short Film Projects Have Been Postponed. I'm stressed out.

The Aisyalam Project Is Jinxed.

Almost lost my eyesight. I Now Appreciates The World More.

Preparing To Shoot Hindi Flick This Weekend.

Lost my Hang Tuah. 'Aisyalam' Project Might Be In Development Hell.

Trasharama A-go-go Film Festival

An aborted fantasy novel project

I intend to make a Hindi short film


Are We TRULY HONEST When Judging Artistic Works?

Anais Nin - Delta of Venus