Kenny Sia Appearing In Upcoming Erotic Thriller. Urgh, my eyes.

Disgruntled with Singaporean blogebrity Xiaxue's popularity, Malaysia's very own blogebrity, Kenny Sia (picture below) has promised to appear in my upcoming short film, 'Coconut-breaking Dykes' an erotic thriller which is a combination of the masterpieces, Basic Instinct and Showgirls.

Kenny Sia

We have discussed this for the past few weeks, and the dude finally relented. Kenny will appear as a sleazy pimp who gets murdered in a gruesome manner by an icepick-wielding obese stripper during a lapdance session at the beginning of the film.

Kenny has just agreed that this is a wonderful opportunity to elevate his star and that working with me is a wonderful privilege. It's all right, Kenny, no need to be excited, I will make sure everyone will talk about your death scene twenty years from now. Cheers dude, our partnership will be as legendary as De Niro and Scorsese's, or Soderbergh and Clooney's, or Herzog and Klinski's. You won't see him mentioning about this in his site because he is still too utterly excited about working with me, but once he stops being so starstruck, I'm sure he'll be promoting this just as crazily as I do. Aren't you, Kenny?