Someone's 2004 April Fool Prank.

This is a (less funnier) April Fool prank I posted on, a popular Japanese music news and gossip page, back in 2004.

Wed Mar 31,11:59 PM ET

Utada Hikaru is pregnant?What started as a rumor is now confirmed ... Utada Hikaru, 21, and husband, Kiriya Kazuaki, 35, are expecting their first child!

Hikaru's rep says the singer is due in winter of 2004. Media speculation began stirring just days ago when the infamous Jpop singer was spotted at Shinjuku looking a little fuller than usual.

Utada Hikaru and Kiriya Kazuaki were married on September 2001. And a spokeswoman for Kiriya said the couple is "over the moon" happy about the big news. Especially after the numerous rumours about their relationship being 'strained' these days.

The career success of Utada Hikaru has seldom spilled over into her personal life. But she suffered a bitter blow recently when tabloids reported that she was seen going out with a Malaysian webmaster/aspiring writer, Edmund Yeo (a.k.a. Eliar Swiftfire), 20, but dumped his miserable butt later after noting that he was "too young" for her. The webmaster was apparently a little "upset" by the breakup but would never stoop so low as to write a fake article about her, just to prove his love to her and the rest of the world. Nope… he would never ever do that. Neither would he post an April Fool prank at about Hikki filing for divorce back in April 2003.