Michelangelo Antonioni Blows Up The World

Antonioni proves himself one of the greatest filmmakers of all time with 'Zabriskie Point'. Like the best movies, no explanation is necessary. This literally destroys shittier films, like 99% of everything released now.


  1. Hm. That's as cool as the ending in Dr Strangelove. Very life-affirming.

  2. well overall i think the film is darn cool :D exploring the movements in an explosion, i think there aren't any CG involved right all filmed and zoomed in... whoa. i don't know a shit bout filmaking, but this hits as something real interesting and inspiring :)

  3. Yeah, the guy's a legendary filmmaker. The film was made in 1970.

    Antonioni and I got off on the wrong foot because the very first work by his that I've ever watched was his segment in the omnibus film, Eros, which, despite the nudity and sex scene, really sucked.

    Anyway, another much talked about scene from an Antonioni film is the 7-minute long take ending sequence from THE PASSENGER, starring Jack Nicholson.

  4. I really like that. I've never seen the film, as I thought it was unavailable, but I've seen that Blowing up Ending over and over and over.
    I really only knew about the film as it was a much talked about movie that Pink Floyd provided the sound track to.
    [They also did a movie soundtrack for some Lesbian Biker movie from Sweden or something ... also unavailable].

    If m memory serves me correctly, Antonioni wasn't too happy with the Pink Floyd soundtrack, as he asked for certain things and the band did what he asked, but it wasn't EXACTLY how he wanted it to sound or something.
    Still, from the bit I've seen, I quite like the Pink Floyd Soundtrack.

  5. Yup, this article went a lot into detail about the making of the soundtrack.

  6. Craig: I think my mind had just been destroyed.

  7. Swifty - Thanks for the article. Very interesting read, plus it proves I didn't imagine it. Antonioni was difficult to write a sound track for! ;-)

    I've seen 'Blow Up' a few times. Interesting film. I know it's on someones list of 20 films you ahve to see before you die ... so I've seen it ... hmmm, I must google for that list again and see if I've seen all the films. :-)


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