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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


This post is dedicated to my most favourite person in the world (for the day) Suanie. Selflessly sacrificing her time to help me translate a script from English to Malay for a TV movie audition/ casting session tonight, Suanie has proved beyond a doubt that, she's awesome in many different levels.

Suanie is so awesome that she broke off the Merlion statue's head and played futsal with it, then put it back to its original place, and Lee Kuan Yew could not say anything about it.

Suanie is so awesome that after taking these photos, she karatechop all these bronze statues into pieces because she couldn't hear what the hell were they saying.

Suanie is so awesome that when she wasn't happy with the food in NY Pizza, she decapitated the chef with a giant slice of pizza, placed bits of his brains on the pizza and ate it.

That's Suanie. Now is your turn to tell me why Suanie is awesome, whether you know her or not. Because, even if you don't know her, you MUST know of her awesomeness.