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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chillin' in Perth

I'm currently in Perth. Just had my graduation ceremony three nights ago (on the 17th). It's my second graduation ceremony, so it wasn't as exciting as my first one (held last March), on the other hand, I am rather looking forward to have two photos of me in robes hanging on my bedroom wall, and two have two certificates as well.

Seen quite a number of movies that I haven't had the chance to review because my laptop got fried two weeks ago. So I'll just list them all out as a reminder for films I've seen but haven't had the chance to review:

  • Knocked Up

  • 881: The Papaya Sisters

  • Away From Her

  • ... a Hong Kong film starring Alex Fong Lik Sun which title I cannot remember (will find out later)

  • Bourne Ultimatum

  • Hairspray

Might go and see Superbad or Stardust later tonight.


  1. Hi, so er how did you get to go to two graduation ceremonies? I thought this university wants to save money and only let you go to one?

    Besides, hey if you're free, do you wanna meet up with me?

  2. Dude, I would love to, but I'm going home tomorrow (Saturday). But I'll be at Murdoch at 4pm today. If you still have my Aus number, gimme a call.

    And I said second ceremony cos' it was for completing my postgrad diploma. I had my first graduation ceremony last year for my degree.

  3. Aargh I don't have it. Perhaps then it's only possible we communicate via msn. Also, at 4pm I had a lab so I couldn't meet you even if I wanted to.

  4. It's a pity then, I lost all my contacts when my last phone died (and I made the stupid mistake of saving all the numbers in the phone instead of the card) so I couldn't call you either.

    Haven't even seen you on MSN for more than a year...

  5. So you still using the same email? eswiftfire? I think I made the mistake of removing you from my msn cos I kind of wanted to clean it up a bit.

    Btw I just needed to blog again. Scientific writing is so boring, need a place to expand my creativity. Oh, and the site just changed today, I hate my old host.

  6. Yeah, been using the same email address for the past ten years.

    Nice to hear that. Let's hope your blogging endeavour this time will last.

  7. Hm I guess you might hv to add me on msn manually since I don't think that I can see you online anymore. email is silenceanddistance. the rest, you know, I hope.

  8. Er. I don't know.

    Hotmail or Yahoo? You changed your MSN? I didn't delete your old one, though I doubt you're using that.