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Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's My Little Sister's Birthday. Say Happy Birthday To Her!

My sister, Sandra Yeo, is 18 today.

Everything that needs to be said about her is in this post. (I posted that for my little sister during her birthday last year, even Dawn Yang left a comment)

My li'l sis looked like this when she was a bit more than 2 weeks old.

Carrying my newborn sister.

She looked like this in 1995.

Video of little sister cosplaying at Comic Fiesta last year (she's the one in orange). Coincidentally, the emcee of the event was Alfred, whom I met from Chewxy's short film months ago. (go to the link and you'll see photos of me helping the cast members with the line-readings)

And a photo of her from earlier this year.

Swifty In Badass-Looking Chinese Garb (+ little sis)

Oh, and another photo of her from few minutes ago.

My little sister, on her 18th birthday

So yes, say happy birthday to her. A short moment of your time will leave her a lifetime of memory.

If you have Facebook, you can go to this event page and leave something on the wall.