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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

CINTA TIGA SEGI is airing on NTV7 at 10:45pm this Sunday

A major TV event.


CINTA TIGA SEGI ('Love Triangle' in Malaysia) is about three intertwining stories of love that take place in an apartment complex: Two cousins, Ira (Isma Husein) and Sasha (Dania Karnian) stalking and fighting over the same boy (Gambit Saifullah, 'CINTA'), a case of mistaken identity and hilarity. A love-starved, animal-loving screenwriter Lina (Juliana Ibrahim, 'GUBRA', 'JARUM HALUS') suffering from writer's block that prevents her from finishing her masterpiece. A lonely security guard Albert (Chew Kin Wah, '1957: HATI MALAYA', 'SALON') whose unique pleasure is to enjoy the view of the world on the blue roof of the apartment, until he had to catch a burglar... Airing exclusively on NTV7 at 10:45, Sunday, 13th of January 2008. Don't miss this wonderful cinematic experience that you can enjoy at the comfort of your own living room! Look out for more CINTA TIGA SEGI posts throughout the week.

Yes, I had a hand in co-producing and editing the film, so you MUST watch this.

(UPDATED: 5th of July, 2016)

The entire film can be viewed here.