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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Awesome Photo Stills from CINTA TIGA SEGI, An Important TV Event In Malaysia!

The stills from CINTA TIGA SEGI are very awesome. This upcoming TV movie stars Juliana Ibrahim, Gambit Saifullah, Isma Husein, Chew Kinwah, Razif Hashim, Azman Hassan.

Another CINTA TIGA SEGI poster, this time featuring Ira (Isma Husein)

Ira and origami
Ira (Isma Husein) and her origami

Ira and kaleidoscope
Ira (Isma Husein) looking into the kaleidoscope

Ira and Johan
Ira (Isma Husein) and Johan (Gambit Saifullah)

Cousins Ira and Sasha
Cousins Ira (Isma Husein) and Sasha (Dania Karnain)

Ira contemplates
Ira (Isma Husein) contemplates

Lena tries to write
Lena (Juliana Ibrahim) tries to write

Lena and little bunny
Lena (Juliana Ibrahim) and a little bunny

Lena, Chel and little bunnies
Lena (Juliana Ibrahim), Chel (Chelsia Ng) and little bunnies

Lena suffers from writer's block
Lena (Juliana Ibrahim) suffers from writer's block

Lena and Adam try the upside-down Spidey kiss
Lena (Juliana Ibrahim) and Adam (Razif Hashim) try the upside-down Spidey kiss

Despite how awesome these stills are, they don't do justice to the film itself.

So, remember, don't miss this important television event! CINTA TIGA SEGI will premiere exclusively on NTV7 this Sunday (13th of Jan, 2008).

Once again, you can view the film trailers here and here.