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Monday, May 19, 2008

Addicted to UN HOMME ET UNE FEMME Theme Music

I've heard this music a couple of times, I've even had A MAN AND A WOMAN in one of my Lisa Ono French CDs, but I found myself in the past few days getting rather addicted to the really well-known theme music from Claude Lelouche's UN HOMME ET UNE FEMME (A MAN AND A WOMAN, it won the Grand Prix at 1966's Cannes Film Fest and Oscar for Best Foreign Film, you can read about it in this entry at the 100 Films blog), composed by Francis Lai.

Especially after watching this beautifully shot scene.

I felt a strange tingle, and started finding other variations of it.

(UPDATED 11/21/2012): A brilliant one from Joe Hisaishi and the New Japan Philharmonic World Dream Orchestra

101 Strings Orchestra's

Claude Cari's.

A commentator of the following video remarked that the music sounds better with the accordion. Hmmm. It does sound more soaring and 'French'.

A nice piano version. I want to get the music sheet for this so I can play it myself.

I told my dad of my recent addiction and he was nonchalant, saying that he had also played the theme music during his band days.

As for me, somehow the theme music just got better because I saw the scene above. Gonna get my hands on the movie soon.

Ironically, I stumbled upon the UN HOMME ET UNE FEMME scene while trying to find clips of Claude Lelouch's other film, TOUTE UNE VIE (AND NOW MY LOVE), a film I've been pretty intrigued with.

(On the other hand, I'm currently trying to write my upcoming short. The meeting with Maiko yesterday was pretty encouraging, but more on that later.)