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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kawabata Gave New Ideas For Next Short Film Project

2 hours from now, I'll be heading off to a brainstorming session with a fellow film student, Maiko. I seek Maiko's help because she has really refined tastes in film and literature and had also done Japanese literature for her degree.

Listening to Ming Jin The Mentor's advice of keeping up with my current momentum and strike the iron of creativity while it's still hot, I decide to throw myself into my next project as soon as possible. While I did call Maiko yesterday afternoon saying that we should brainstorm for ideas today while I was on my way to Shinjuku, I was mildly surprised that I managed to get my idea fairly quickly. Spent a few hours at Kinokuniya in Shinjuku, browsing over some books by Kobo Abe, and then short stories by Akutagawa and Kawabata (actually it was Kawabata's Palm Of The Hand stories, which Justin wrote a book review for a while back)

And voila, new idea for a 10-minute short film with a theme of 'LIFE'. For now, I believe I'll be doing a loose adaptation of a 2-page short story from Kawabata. Not going to reveal which one yet, but gonna discuss with Maiko later.

Thanks, Kawabata-san. (the first Japanese author to ever win the Nobel Prize for Literature!)